"The nature of a portfolio is that it's always a work in progress"

Breathe the Melody
I shot a wonderful dance choreography by Lisa Thurian with my DJI Drone and Canon reflex camera.
Heinkelwerke- A Lost Place seen near Oranienburg
Footage about a lost Place near Oranienburg (next to Berlin, Germany) which was a major armament factory in the era of National Socialism
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What I Do

Full line of Filmmaking - from idea/storyboard to final cut

Aerial Capturing

Get shoots from new perspective and angles with a professional video drone.

SLR Camera

Capturing scenes in different shots like OSS, EWS, MCU, CU and Cut-in.

SlowMo Camera

Get a detailed view of fast moving objects/actions by 120fps Full-HD.


Finalize the idea by editing all captured sequences, post-colorize and also add some visiual effects like lightsabers, dust or gun shots to your footage.